Essays on an american tragedy by theodore dreiser

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Essays on an american tragedy by theodore dreiser

These artists preferred to depict the richly and culturally textured lower class immigrants, rather than the rich and promising Fifth Avenue socialites. One critic of the time did not like their choice of subjects, which included alleys, tenements, slum dwellers, and in the case of John Sloantaverns frequented by the working class.

They became known as the revolutionary black gang and apostles of ugliness. His paintings had an expressionist boldness and a willingness to take risks. He had a fascination with violence as seen in his painting, Both Members of this Club, which depicts a rather gory boxing scene.

In his painting titled Cliff Dwellers, we find a city-scape that is not one particular view but a composite of many views.

Henri was interested in the spectacle of common life. He focused on individuals, strangers, quickly passing in the streets in towns and cities. His was a sympathetic rather than a comic portrayal of people, often using a dark background to add to the warmth of the person depicted.

Henri's works were characterized by vigorous brushstrokes and bold impasto which stressed the materiality of the paint. Henri influenced Glackens, Luks, Shinn and Sloan. He would later refer to the Academy as a cemetery of art. Everett ShinnSelf-portraitEverett Shinn —a member of the Ashcan School, was most famous for his numerous paintings of New York and the theater, and of various aspects of luxury and modern life inspired by his home in New York City.

He painted theater scenes from London, Paris and New York. He found interest in the urban spectacle of life, drawing parallels between the theater and crowded seats and life.

Essays on an american tragedy by theodore dreiser

Unlike DegasShinn depicted interaction between the audience and performer. In Luks' painting, Hester Streethe shows children being entertained by a man with a toy while a woman and shopkeeper have a conversation in the background. The viewer is among the crowd rather than above it. Luks puts a positive spin on the Lower East Side by showing two young girls dancing in The Spielers, which is a type of dance that working class immigrants would engage in; despite the poverty, children dance on the street.

He looks for the joy and beauty in the life of the poor rather than the tragedy.


He also was a successful commercial illustrator, producing numerous drawings and watercolors for contemporary magazines that humorously portrayed New Yorkers in their daily lives. Later in life, he was much better known as "the American Renoir" for his Impressionist views of the seashore and the French Riviera.

From tohe contributed illustrations to the socialist monthly The Masses. Sloan disliked propaganda, and in his drawings for The Masses, as in his paintings, he focused on the everyday lives of people.


He depicted the leisure of the working class with an emphasis on female subjects. He disliked the Ashcan School label, [5] and expressed his annoyance with art historians who identified him as a painter of the American Scene: We didn't know it was the American Scene.

I don't like the name A symptom of nationalism, which has caused a great deal of trouble in this world. Hopper is the most modern of the American realists, and the most contemporary.

While most popularly known for his oil paintings, he was equally proficient as a watercolorist and printmaker in etching. In both his urban and rural scenes, his spare and finely calculated renderings reflected his personal vision of modern American life.Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women [Elizabeth Wurtzel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

From the author of the bestselling Prozac Nation comes one of the most entertaining feminist manifestos ever written. In five brilliant extended essays. American Tragedy by Theodore Dreiser Words | 7 Pages An American Tragedy Megan Kerns October 20, ECI , Paul Harvey Project John was born May 10, on a farm outside Baltimore, Maryland.

Theodore Dreiser is one of the primary practitioners of American naturalism, a school of writing that, like its counterpart in France, seeks to convey realistically and almost clinically the. Theodore Dreiser: An American Tragedy Essay Theodore Dreiser (August 27, December 28, ) was born in Terre Haute, Indiana, and baptized as Herman Theodore Dreiser.

He was the ninth of ten surviving children (three others died as infants) of Säräh Schanab and Johann Dreiser. An American Tragedy, by Theodore Dreiser, puts us through all these emotions in showing us the extremes in happiness, sadness, anger, and many other emotions to show us what real life is like.

To do this most accurately, Dreiser bases his two-book story on a . Theodore Dreiser: Theodore Dreiser, novelist who was the outstanding American practitioner of naturalism. He was the leading figure in a national literary movement that replaced the observance of Victorian notions of propriety with the unflinching presentation of .

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