Music coursework

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Music coursework

College of Liberal Arts Macon: The College offers baccalaureate programs in the humanities, fine arts, natural sciences and social sciences, along Music coursework a variety of interdisciplinary options. Offering a multitude of pre-professional programs in health, law and theology, the College also provides students a strong liberal arts foundation.

The core curriculum blends practical skills, such as critical thinking, clear writing and effective communication, along with a deep engagement with the diversity and richness of the peoples, faiths, cultures, and natural processes in the world.

Students in the College take advantage of a variety of study-abroad opportunities, both through faculty-led programs and those organized through the Mercer On Mission program.

School of Law Macon: Music coursework Law is a two-time recipient of the prestigious ABA Gambrell Professionalism Award for excellence and innovation in ethics and professionalism throughout the curriculum. With an enrollment of approximately students, taught by an outstanding faculty, Mercer Law School is nationally recognized for its programs in legal writing, advocacy training, experiential education and ethics and professionalism.

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Stetson, a Mercer graduate and business pioneer who leveraged the first major buyout in corporate history. Over the past 80 years, Mercer has granted more than 12, business degrees, and many of its graduates hold senior leadership positions in companies around the world.

School of Engineering Macon: The School of Engineering marked its 30th anniversary in and continues to be ranked by U. It offers baccalaureate and graduate degrees for initial teacher certification, teacher preparation and educational leadership.

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Programs are offered on the Macon and Atlanta campuses, as well as regional academic centers in Douglas County and Henry County. In addition, the College also offers some online and hybrid graduate degree programs. The School offers masters and doctoral degrees, along with a growing number of ministerial concentrations.

The innovative, fully-integrated curriculum is taught by nationally recognized scholars who are committed Christians.

Music coursework

Along with a network of partner churches, McAfee is affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Penfield College Macon, Atlanta and Centers: Undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs are offered to adult students seeking professional advancement into leadership roles in and beyond their communities.

Educational programs provide students with distinctive, multidisciplinary programs that integrate theory and practice. The College also offers general education and elective courses for various colleges and schools at Mercer. Townsend School of Music Macon: Townsend School of Music is nationally recognized for its artist faculty, award-winning students, wide range of performance ensembles and state-of-the-art facilities.

Townsend offers a thorough and rigorous curriculum, providing a conservatory-quality music education within a university environment.Medieval Music. History, Facts and interesting information about Medieval music.

Medieval Music The Medieval saw the emergence of great changes in English society including the music played during the Medieval times and era. Each course on the site has been created especially to be delivered to you directly via the internet, where you can learn at your own pace, review things which you want to check over and do as much or as little as you want bearing in mind how much time you have available and where you are located.

Hey fiends, Check back here daily when we hit the road for the official Creature Feature tour blog. We’ll be posting updates from our shows, lives photos, tour videos, and all the other strange things we come across as we possess the world one concert at a time. Temple University Boyer College of Music and Dance.

Presser Hall North 13th Street Philadelphia, PA Fundamentals of Music Theory The University of Edinburgh About this course: This course will introduce students to the theory of music, providing them with the skills needed to read and write Western music notation, as well as to understand, analyse, and listen informedly.

An introductory course for non-music majors, emphasizing western art and vernacular styles of music. Students will participate in and interact with various parameters of music through the acquisition of basic musical skills.

For freshmen and sophomores. LEC.

Music coursework
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