Writing a news article abcteach math

Week 6 just a little late Time is flying by here with the Heathens! With our theater troup starting back up, we have been very very busy here. During Week 6 we hosted a playgroup in our home.

Math Games Building Vocabulary and Background Knowledge One of the most important areas to focus on during the summer is building vocabulary and background knowledge. I try to focus on content in science, math, or social studies that my students may have missed in the classroom.

If I teach higher grades, this becomes even more important. Anything I can do to provide background knowledge or review is helpful.

It's also the perfect time for students to preview what lies ahead in the next grade, even if they can't comprehend all of the vocabulary during the summer.

Here are some resources you can use to increase vocabulary, build background knowledge, and bring forth students' existing knowledge.

writing a news article abcteach math

There are so many wonderful ways to use technology and multimedia resources with these goals in mind, but since access to equipment or the Internet can vary greatly from one summer to another, I have included a number of low-tech options as well!

The good news is that I have found that hands-on math and science activities seem like a game for most elementary ELLs, especially if they come from a culture where that is not expected in the classroom — so rest assured that students can still have fun without lots of computer time and video. Books Non-fiction Picture, non-fiction, reference, text, or chapter books can be used to generate conversation and questions.

Leveled social studies books with photos are great for reading and for total non-speakers. Fiction My students have also enjoyed the books listed below.

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These titles have kept my ELLs' interest with accessible reading and vocabulary levels, and in some cases, humor. Based on the content and text, you can ask questions about these readings that students can answer verbally or in their journals. One of my favorites is Ten Sly Piranhas: You may be able to find some fun songs and videos at BusSongs.

A number of other good activities and websites are listed in Music and Language Learning. I collect mine from magazines or online photo websites — again, Google Images or National Geographic Photography.

Games and Activities Vocabulary questions: I often have my students use a ticket to get in or out the door. To get the ticket, they must answer a question. I show them a card with a photo of vocabulary we've been working on or I ask for the definition of a word for more advanced studentsand it seems like a game!

These build social language as well as class "spirit" and students can participate without fear if they do not like competition. There are many books on the topic e.

Everybody Wins by Jeffrey Sobel. Your PE teachers can also help you — and don't forget that students need physical activity during summer school! These games encourage students to ask different kinds of simple questions — you could probably make your own versions if you're creative with a computer!

Projects Craft projects with some meaning as opposed to coloring sheets and busy work can prove engaging for students. During these projects, students are listening and following directions; when they work together, they practice speaking.The Well-Trained Mind is the guide that millions of parents trust to help them create the best possible education for their child.

writing a news article abcteach math

Here you will find practical articles, an online community, courses for you and your children, user-friendly textbooks, and much more. write a newspaper article about something that they or others are doing that is an example of giving time, talent, or treasure for the common good.

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identify and use writing mechanics of an effective newspaper article. Creative Writing Assignment Have your students create a “captain’s log,” imagining what Columbus and his crew may have been thinking along their journey.

Inform them about the trials they encountered and encourage them to think about how they would handle these situations. Current Events Worksheet for Middle & High School - FREE. This Current Events Summary is an excellent tool for students to get involved with the news and the current events of the week.

A simple writing format helps students write a summary, show the importance, and form an opinion about current news stories and events. I find this activity to be a practical filler for various social studies classes. #currentevents #classrooom. A great tool for students to get involved with the news and current events.

This simple writing format helps students find, summarize and write opinions about current news .

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